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Managed IT Services values our partnerships of all types. We have built programs to go to market with the best companies in the industry.


The Managed IT Services Reseller Partner Program


Managed IT Services works with many of the best reseller companies to deliver unique integrations and solutions that solve our growing customers’ needs. The Managed IT Services Reseller Partner program formally connects the leader in cloud connected security and storage solutions that simplify IT with other ISVs and reseller providers and is geared towards developers who build specialised and complimentary solutions to extend Managed IT Services’ offerings.


The program creates a formal framework for how we at Managed IT Services will support our partners to facilitate reseller integration and to develop and promote enhanced product solutions to expand the breadth and capability across Managed IT Services’ Security, Storage and Productivity Solutions.




Become a Partner


Leverage our strong technology and go-to-market capabilities.


Become A Reseller


Partner Benefits



Increase Brand Awareness


With over 150,000 customers and 5,000 channel partners world-wide, we understand that the needs of our customers are growing. By enhancing our product offerings through reseller integrations, we can meet those growing needs by providing our customers with more complete Managed IT Services solutions. Through various co-marketing channels, we can help promote awareness of your solution to our Managed IT Services customers and channel partners.



Robust Technical Tools


With a well documented Managed IT Services Campus, we have tools for end-users and administrators to get the most out of Managed IT Services. Developers can also use these tools to get started right away building the next generation of integrated award-winning Managed IT Services solutions.



Revenue Share & Incentives


We offer several partnership models to fit your business. Whether you are reselling or referring Managed IT Services, we have incentives and discounts in place to help you grow your business.



Integration Certification


Managed IT Services customers are accustomed to our easy to use products and feature sets. We expect partners to meet this standard. All Select Partners will be required to perform a self-certification test. Managed IT Services will work with all Premium Partners to test their integrated joint solution. For all partners, we will continue to put our customers first and strive for best-in-class user experiences.



Partner Benefits



Brand Awareness  √  √
Revenue Share & Incentives  √  √
Marketing Tools  √  √
Integration Certification  √  √
Joint Business and Marketing Activities    √
Go-To-Market Tools & Sales Enablement    √
Dedicated Partner Manager    √
Integration Support Expert    √



Partner Tiers




This level of membership provides basic development, support, and marketing resources for reseller partners with minimal integration development needs. This tier is the fastest and easiest way to begin partnering with Managed IT Services and is available for signup starting today.




This Premier partner tier builds on the Select partner tier to provide greater access to Managed IT Services’s development and marketing resources for reseller providers that want to develop integrations for Managed IT Services products and collaborate to raise awareness of the combined solution for mutual customers and channel partners. Premier partnerships involve key relationships with mutual business goals that align with one or more of Managed IT Services’ leading Security, Storage, or Productivity solutions. This level is invitation only and allows Managed IT Services to partner closely with these companies to provide integrated best-of-breed solutions.


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